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Here are some facts that are pertinent to your Rhode Island auto insurance rates, or just flat out interesting to any RI resident looking for the best RI auto insurance coverage! Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US by area. In fact, Rhode Island has over one million people living on its 1,214 square mile area. That comes to about 1,003 people per square mile! It is the second most populated state by density however, second only to New Jersey.

Rhode Island is the home of many historical places and, in fact, is a very historical area itself. It was the last of the thirteen colonies, for example, to become an actual state. The first circus in the United States was held in Newport, RI in 1774, and the first jail sentence imposed for speeding was given by Judge Darius Baker on August 28, 1904 (in Newport as well). The laws in Rhode Island for automobile drivers have historically been strict and that tradition continues today.

Rhode Island Auto Insurance Rates

As mentioned above, Rhode Island is very densely populated and as such, RI auto insurance rates are very high. In fact, the September 2009 average Rhode Island auto insurance rate was $2,409, a $600 difference from the national average of $1,794. Rhode Island was one of the few states that did not see a decline in September auto insurance, in fact there was a $200 increase (which was the average decrease across the rest of the nation).

Rhode Island requires that all driver’s carry private auto insurance on their vehicles. This is a recent change enacted at the beginning of 2009. Prior to 2009, Rhode Island drivers were allowed to self-insure through cash or bonds.

The minimum requirements for car insurance for all registered vehicles are $25,000 bodily injury per person, $50,000 bodily injury per accident, $25,000 property damage, $25,000 underinsured driver’s insurance and $50,000 uninsured driver’s insurance. It is important for you to realize that the reason that you should always carry auto insurance is because you are protecting other drivers, and your self, from your mistakes. Not everyone who drives will have an accident, however in case you do, you are ensuring that if your negligence causes an accident another driver will not have to pay the price financially or have to sue you for damages. It also protects your hard earned assets.

Rhode Island Auto Insurance and Accident Rates

Your car insurance rates in Rhode Island depend on a few things. Things like your driving record matter. Rhode Island insurance companies will consider every licensed driver in your household’s driving record unless they have a separate policy. Where you live matters, and Rhode Island is densely populated, which increase rates. Your gender counts; sorry guys- men have more accidents statically than women. Even your age; older drivers are considered safer. Married? Statistically speaking, married people are safer drivers (this may the backseat driver benefit!)

If you had prior insurance coverage insurers find that long-term coverage usually equals lower risk. They will also look at how you are using the vehicle. Are you driving to and from work or do you use it for work, or long trips? The type of coverage you use, the make and model of the vehicle (is it a vehicle type prone to theft, is it expensive to repair or replace), your credit score and the frequency of past claims also count for you or against you.

It is not just Rhode Island accident rates that will affect your policy; it will also be affected by the number of drivers in the state as well as the safety of drivers. For example, there were 52,308 auto accidents in 2008, 4,692 of which were DUIs. That might be significant enough to warrant higher insurance rates; however, also taken into consideration is the number of citations given as well. In 2008, Rhode Island police officers gave out about 440,000 citations to drivers. This includes speeding, reckless driving, running traffic lights, etc…  All of this information is taken into consideration when you get an auto insurance quote.

The reason that all of these factors affect your rate is because the more dangerous other drivers are, the higher your chances are of being in an accident or causing an accident. Statistically, when a driver is amongst a group of drivers who are speeding, they will speed as well. Carelessness can be catching, and even if you are a perfect driver at all times, you are in a higher risk area when you live in Rhode Island.

Finding Cheap Rhode Island Auto Insurance Coverage

There are many Rhode Island auto insurance discounts available to Rhode Island drivers, if you qualify for them. You can receive discounts for combining policies. This could mean having multiple vehicles insured by the same insurance company or adding homeowners or renter’s insurance to your policy.

You can also save money by taking driver’s education courses and defensive driving classes. If you have any students on your insurance claim, if they maintain a B average or better they qualify for a discount with many insurance companies. You should also reduce the amount of time that you drive. Fortunately, a state like Rhode Island has a wonderful public transportation system and if you can take advantage of it, that can mean a huge break on your auto insurance premiums.

Always drive carefully and follow all traffic laws, no citations equal lower rates. You should also have safety devices on your vehicle such as anti-lock breaks and driver and passenger side air bags. You can also save money by purchasing anti-theft devices for your vehicle and carrying a higher deductible.

You should also be aware of the most expensive and least expensive cars to insure in Rhode Island. For example, the most expensive new car to insure is the Nissan GT-R while the cheapest is the Hyundai Santa Fe. Older models are less money to insure simply because they cost less to repair or replace. The 1994 Honda Accord is the most commonly stolen car in Rhode Island. In fact, Hondas make every list in the country, usually in the number one or two spot, so take that into consideration when purchasing a vehicle.

Lastly, if you want to save money on your auto insurance, you need to shop around. While many Rhode Island auto insurance companies are close in their rates, they do not always offer the same ‘perks’ as others. For example, two companies may offer you the same rate of $2,300 a year but one may include roadside assistance and rental car insurance as part of their standard package. You need to ensure that you check every detail before you make a purchase.

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Even if you currently have auto insurance, you should check your rate options at least annually as RI car insurance rates change frequently. While you do not want to change your insurance company every month, you are not contractually bound to stay with any insurance company. Just ensure that if you make a switch that you never have a period of time where your insurance lapses.

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