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Rhode Island Drivers Traveling with Pets in the Car

People love their pets so much they take them with them many places. Those moving to a new residence or traveling on a long vacation may choose to bring their dog, cat, or other beloved animals with them. A trip through the great state of Rhode Island can be a blast for the pet owner […]

Top 10 Vehicles Involved in Fatal Crashes by Make in Rhode Island

Fatal car accidents are unfortunately common, and the sudden loss of a loved one from a vehicular event can cause pain and suffering for family members as well as an unnecessary financial burden. In April 2017, three young women from West Warwick who were not wearing seat belts were ejected from their vehicle. The vehicle struck a […]

The Top 8 Can’t-Miss Scenic Drives in Rhode Island

Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the United States, but it nonetheless is unique and charming. Its incredible history includes pivotal roles in the Revolutionary War, the jazz and blues music scene, and even race equality. This is a truly wonderful destination to explore, and one of the best ways to get to know more […]

Cheap Car Insurance in Rhode Island

Car insurance is a requirement in Rhode Island, but it can cost a small fortune. You may be one of the many drivers in this state looking for affordable coverage. By learning more about the legal requirements for coverage in Rhode Island and factors that affect rates, you may be able to find a great […]

The 5 Best Road Races in Rhode Island

Many people of all ages love to literally hit the ground running in Rhode Island. Road races are available for all fitness levels, and these include one-mile fun runs and walks as well as longer runs such as a 5K, 10K, half marathon, or full marathon. Running is an excellent form of fitness that is ideal for […]

Sharing the Road with Cyclists in Rhode Island

Motorists and cyclists often hear about the concept of sharing the road, and you may even see posted street signs reminding you to act accordingly. However, have you considered what this actually means? A closer look at driving and cycling laws and courtesies is beneficial. Enter your zip code above to find car insurance companies […]

Top 5 Beaches in Rhode Island

Each year when temperatures warm up and days grow longer, many people’s thoughts turn to spending leisurely days at the beach with family and friends. Summer is the ideal time to head to a beach, and Rhode Island beaches are an idyllic summer destination to consider. In fact, despite its small size, Rhode Island has more than […]

Brewery Road Trip for Rhode Island

Toward the end of the last century, the number of breweries and beer types available in the United States was declining. This gave rise to the increased popularity of creating craft beer at home. Many home brewers made the decision to start their own craft beer business, and this launched a revolution of craft breweries opening across […]

What happens when you get a DUI in Rhode Island?

Driving while under the influence brings forth a tremendous amount of legal troubles. The state of Rhode Island, especially, has strong laws on the books regarding intoxicated driving. Mostly all drivers inhabited the state’s road know laws against drunk driving reflect a serious commitment to deterrence and punishment. Not a single one of the 50 […]

Rhode Island Car Insurance Guide

Rhode Island shares similar financial responsibility laws for drivers that many other states have. In this and other states, the law indicates that drivers are financially responsible for any damages they create while operating a motor vehicle. This includes damages they cause to another person’s vehicle or property as well as medical bills if they […]

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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